Uzès and Avignon

The city of Uzès, with its rich historical past, founded by the romans, then named 1st duchy of France. On the banks of the Rhône, on the border between Languedoc and Provence, stands the magnificent city of Avignon, a UNESCO heritage site. Multicultural city, with an incredible past, discover the famous city of the popes


We will first visit St Stephen‘s Cathedral and its window tower, a round, italian style romanesque tower. Then we will discover the historic centre and its Place aux Herbes by strolling through the alleys of this city classified as “City of Art and History“ since november 2008. Every saturday morning, the Place aux Herbes in the heart of Uzès is animated by a local market that offers you a great diversity of products from the region. Finally, we will pass in front of the Duke‘s castle and the house of the famous writer Racine who stayed there from 1661 to 1662. The Duke‘s castle, the Duchy, will take us on a journey through time to discover a very varied architecture. The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment and Modern Times are represented. The city of Uzès is also the starting point for the spring that leads to the famous roman aqueduct and its monumental part, the Pont du Gard.

Once in Avignon, we will first pass in front of the famous 12th century St Benezet bridge which is the origin of a well-known traditional song. Then, we will cross the ramparts to enter the historic centre. Moreover, at the junction of its medieval streets and its romanesque cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms, we will have the pleasure of following the path of the Promenade des Papes, with  magnificent panorama of the city and the region from the top of the Jardin des Doms. After a tour of the Palais des Papes, one of the ten most visited monuments in France, we will visit the interior of Europe‘s largest gothic palace built by the popes in the 14th century. Finally, we will discover the charming flamboyant gothic church of St Pierre.

Le château ducal
Une ambiance toscane
Palais des papes